Three Mistakes Men Make When They Wear a Long Sleeve Polo Shirt

Dear friends of The Fleece Milano,

Here we are with the last piece of our journal before a well-deserved summer break!

Allows us few seconds to thank you for the continuing support and affection you are showing to our venture. After the extremely successful launch of our Short Sleeve Polo Shirts last year, we are so happy to see that you have equally appreciated our new product, the Long Sleeve Polo Shirt. That is why we have decided to put together for the many of you that have purchased one, a list of the three things you must avoid if you decide to wear our beautiful sartorial long sleeve polo shirts.

 3 Mistakes You Must Avoid:

  • No tie, please

Our long sleeve polo shirt is the perfect combination of casual and elegance in one single garment. The one that can make you look classy even when you are wearing a pair of shorts or swim trunks. No wonder why it was one of Gianni Agnelli’s favorites, as you might have read in one of our latest articles. One of the mistakes that L’Avvocato would never make would be to wear a long sleeve polo shirt with a tie. Our long sleeve polo shirt matches perfectly with a suit or a blazer for a smart elegant or smart casual attire, but please remember: never wear it with a tie (or even worse, a bowtie)!


  • Don’t hide your polo shirt under a vest

Although our Long Sleeve Polo Shirt features few details from a classic shirt, it is still a polo shirt, ultimately a slightly more casual and informal garment than a traditional shirt. That is why you should never wear it with a vest or a sleeveless cardigan, especially a more formal vest from a three-piece suit.


  • Keep your rigid collar under the jacket's lapel

Another don’t for our long sleeve polo shirt lovers (and we include ourselves among them) is to wear the polo shirt with the collar over the jacket’s lapel. The collar of our long sleeve polo shirt is stiff and rigid, just like the one of a classic shirt. The golden rule is therefore not to wear it over your jacket’s lapel as you could otherwise do with our short sleeve polo shirt (check out our article on the polo shirt etiquette right here).


By the way, given the increasing demand for our long sleeve polo shirt, we encourage those of you who haven’t done it yet to subscribe to our back in stock notification service. 

Stay tuned and enjoy your summer holidays!

TFM Team

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